Theories/Rumors (TRTF: R) coming back to TRTF series.

Theories Edit

  • Invistigation

BFP told that Ibvistigator is started to research Fazbear Entertainment's story and, he said to find out the truth of killers...

  • Hybrids and older models

Hybrids are dangerous suits that can make any human suffer inside but hybrids also hunt humans and more dangerous than previous atagonists, but will old atagonists will return in game?

  • Toy Models

BFP told on twitter that Toys are coming back from scraps to hybrids and it is unknown how dangerous they are.

  • Is everything just a nightmare

We know that after Blake's death Fazbear's Funtime pizzaria was still opened becouse Blake has gone and there wasn't theory that he's death for owners, however restaurant could still close down becouse of other unfixed animaltronics however in TRTF: R teaser trailer PoniatorFilms told "what about if it all was just a nightmare" could he mean TRTF: R background is a nihtmare of a victim of incident of five children...

  • Is Children posses Hybrids too

However we know that speculation is same. Hybrids was created by The Machine and by crying children, so that means Hybrids are posses some Crying Children and they want kill you to make their wrath free...

Rumors Edit

  • Hybrid Golden Freddy

BFP confirmed that Golden Freddy gonna back in TRTF: R as Hybrid. He will be more dnagerous then others.

  • Survived child

BFP told in storyline Invistigator was a child that survived incident of the five children, however he also can be victim of bite of 87'

  • SpringTrap

BFP confirmed that SpringTrap will come back in TRTF: R becouse Purple Guy will roam inside that suit. A really strange rumor indeed.

  • Children on hooks?!

Most scary rumor, in minigame that examples how The Machine started make so horribly animaltronics, after 1943 in 2043 we can see on hooks children bodies, hwoever there is theory that crying children controls The Machine that means there is really more puppets, much like Lockjaw...