Welcome to your new and exciting career! In The Return To Freddy's 2, you are taking the night shift with Freddy and his friends with some new characters. They have just moved in a music box to replace an old worn down gift giving animatronic to keep the kids happy. What could go wrong? As the security guard working nights, your job is to monitor cameras and make sure nothing goes wrong after-hours. You are the first guard to work at this location. So to make your job easier, you've been provided with your very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, but during development of the building, some dust and other toxic things might have gotten in there. So don't where it for too long.

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DISCLAIMER: BFPFilms424 does not own Five Nights at Freddy's, and all credit goes to Scott Cawthon himself. This is a free fan-made game, and will always be free.



BFPFilms424: Programer and Modeler.

Sigrid Rodriguez: Music.

xGamerPro12x: Sound Effects.

ping69413: Mac Support.


- 1GB+ RAM

- DirectX:

- Direct3D:

- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 Technical Preview


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