The System Panel is a major game mechanic in The Return to Freddy's 3

It allows the player to use 2 mechanics and reboot 2 others.

Door System Edit

The Door System is a mechanic that allows the player to remotely close security doors throughout the building. It can go offline, but can be rebooted with the System Panel.

Light System Edit

The Light System is what illuminates the player's office. If it goes offline, it will cause the lights to flicker and the player will begin breathing heavily. However, it can be rebooted using the System Panel.

Corruption Signal Edit

The Corruption Signal (called "Corrupt Signal" in-game) is a mechanic that the player activates using the System Panel. If Vigo, Foxy, or Chica is in the left hallway, the player can use this to send out a signal that messes with their animatronic systems, causing them to move away from the office. Note that this mechanic does NOT work on Lockjaw, Freddy, Bonnie, or Kitty, as they enter through the right hallway and are only stopped by closing doors.

Animatronic View Edit

The Animatronic View (called "View Animatronic" in-game) is a mechanic that allows the player to see through the eyes of Lockjaw. This can be very useful, especially if Lockjaw can not be seen on a camera, the player just has to have a good eye and understanding of the building to know where he is using this mechanic.