Sugar the cat is an animatronic present in The Return to Freddy's 2 and in the first version of The Return to Freddy's, but was taken out due to copyright reasons. 


Sugar looking at the player during one of the cutscenes


He is a blue and white cat-like broken animatronic with no hands, a broken jaw and some wires coming out off wrists, right ear, upper jaw and ankles resembling the withered animatronics of FNaF 2.



Sugar attacking the player

So far, Sugar seems to become active on Night 4. He starts in the Parts/Service Room in a slumped position, and when it activates/start moving, he traverse to the Main Hall standing near the water puddle, after that he will move to the hall in front of the player, but if the player puts the Freddy mask on time, Sugar will move to the vent near the office and wait until a chance to go down and attack again. However, there is a chance that he'll move to another room, but if the player doesn't wear the Freddy head on time, Sugar will lunge towards the player and give the player a game over.


  • In the original version of The Return to Freddy's, called "Five Nights at Freddys 3 (Fan-Game)", there was the sugar animatronic, it was taken out due to stolen content from emilimako.
  • The model of Sugar in the vent in the original game was actually a Candy the cat head on Toy Bonnie's body. Although sometimes having a tie or not having a tie or maybe having no rosy cheeks.
  • The Jumpscare of Sugar in the original game was actually a Candy the Cat head on Toy Bonnie's Body, He also has no cheeks when he jump scares the player
  • BFPfilms44 has been bullied beacuse he stole it and renamed it sugar when his name was Candy.


Sugar during one of the cutscenes


Sugar during the fist cutscene


Sugar in one of the areas


Gameplay of sugar in the Parts/Service room.