Were you looking for shadow lockjaw's counterparts ,Golden Lockjaw or Shadow Golden Lockjaw

Shadow Lockjaw
Vital statistics
Night Any
Gender Male
Starting Location The Office
Physical attributes
Type Shadow Animatronic
Defended With Opening the monitor

Shadow Lockjaw is an hallucination and minor antagonist he's shadow version of TRTF3 Lockjaw. He appears on The Return to Freddy's 3 and (possibly) 1.


Shadow Lockjaw will only appear in the middle of the office staring at you for a moments and then crash the game.The only way to lure him of is by taking up the monitor or system panel

Appearance Edit

Shadow Lockjaw has the same appearance of Lockjaw in TRTF3 but colored black and with white glowing eyes and teeth

Trivia Edit

  • On Night 5 the Lockjaw poster will change to one of Shadow Lockjaw,if pressed the player will be carried to the "He has been here the whole time"minigame.
    • Also in this minigame player can enter a secret room where Purple Guy is seeing a child die inside the Lockjaw animatronic
    • After finishing the minigame the player will be rewarded with a Shadow Lockjaw Plushie.
  • A Shadow Lockjaw character also appears in some "Death-Minigames" in The Return to Freddy's 2 and if an animatronic gets closer to him it will disappear
    • It is actually unknown if the character in the "Death-Minigames" is Shadow Lockjaw or Shadow Golden Lockjaw as it is colored grey and is gap-toothed like Shadow Golden Lockjaw in The Return to Freddy's 3 after night minigames
    • Some people say this might be Shadow Bonnie, the same in FNaF2