Phone Guy is the main deutragonist for Cawnoth Cotts in TRTF 2 and for Blake in TRFT 3- 4. He was voiced by BFPFilms424

Appearance Edit

Phone Guy appears in TRTF 1 and told Mike that Animatronics was fixed and no more angry, however he told that he don't trust The Puppet and on Show Stage you'll see The Puppet unblocks mode, and children again controls them.

However he dies on night 5 and killed by unknown character, possibly golden Freddy.

In TRTF 2 first ever pizzaria he tolds that Animatronics became uncontrolled and on night 4 he told that they started think every adult is an naked endoskeleton and they trying stuff them in suit.

In TRTF 4 he comes back on night 2 and talks about 3 springlock suits that was found and were put in your locker!

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible Shadow Puppet actually killed him that appears on night 5.
  • Phone Guy was voiced by BFPFilms himself.
  • Phone Guy actually says that Sugar The Cat comes back as before in TRTF 2 and it was left  in the Parts room.
  • Phone Guy unfortunatly dies in Night 5 and  wasn't seen  in TRTF 3 but in TRTF 4 however he returns.
  • Also Phone Guy possibly was stuffed into BB suit as BB has adult voice and he appears after his death, however also he can be possibly stuffed into Shadow Puppet suit
  • However it was disproved as Shadow Puppet represented Lockjaw and Lockjaw posses Marrionette.
  • However now possibly he is Jester and was killed on night 5 becouse he wore a Golden Lockjaw suit.
  • There was theory suggests he's a "Violet Guy" (Second killer) that's why in minigame he shown as Phone Guy 2.0 who listens last words of Original Phone Guy...
  • This Phone Guy however still unknown and mysterious after TRTF series, expect TRTF: R