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 Koly is an animatronic Koala who is used at Freddy Fazzy Funtime. He can be a bit aggresive as the nights go on. He was once was a child. And now lost in this monstrosity... He may appear in The Return to Freddy's: Rebooted.


He is a dark gray animatronic koala who has a floating head similar to the other Animatronic in TRTF4. He has a red bowtie and 3 black buttons on his stomach. His shoulders are damaged which is revealing Koly's endoskeleton. He has 2 leaf like ears. He has a white snout with a black nose. He is slightly damaged. On his upper jaw he has 2 teeth. On his lower jaw he only has 1 tooth. If you look closely you can see wires coming out of him. And he is purple.

Behavior Edit

He will start in CAM4 like Kitty Fazcat then he will go to CAM3 then CAM 9. Then he will then rush down the office. Unlike Bonnie, Kitty, and Sally however, he will not peek in the room. When he is running down the hall, the player must hide in the locker or else he will Jumpscare you resulting in a Game Over.



  • In the Nightmare Fuel menu Koala is misspelled Koala.