Hallucinations from TRTF 3

  1. Shadow Lockjaw

Shadow Lockjaw appears on any of the nights. You must get rid of him immediately by ignoring him or he will crash the game.

2. Shadow Lockjaw poster

The Shadow Lockjaw poster will teleport you to the minigame "He's been here for whole time", where you have to free the Crying Child (who is stuffed into Lockjaw). There is another minigame , titled "Save me", where Purple Man stuffs the Crying Child into Lockjaw.

3. Golden Freddy

Confirmed, Golden Freddy will appear in your office and will bug the Reboot system and the Lighting system. He doesn't kill you like the other animatronics.

4. Golden Freddy minigame

You'll see poster of the Yellow-Shirted, Blue-Jeans guy and Purple Man with a Golden Freddy head. When you click on the poster, you'll be placed into the minigame "To remember the past". When you wear the Golden Freddy suit, you are again placed somewhere else - the office. You can go back again to the Show Stage and use a secret passage way and run to the Crying Child because Purple Man is trying to stuff you in the Golden Freddy suit.

5. Dolls

When you complete certain minigames, the desk in your room will have different dolls. Included are: Lockjaw, Golden Freddy, Shadow Lockjaw, Foxy and more.

6. Minigame map

After beating Night 5, you'll be presented with a minigame where you are playing as Shadow Lockjaw and you are walking around the pizzeria from the second game. If you go closer to some animatronics, he'll be missing.

7. Joy OF Creation

In this minigame you'll play as child of The Puppet/Lockjaw

8. Secret CD+ Minigame

More info coming soon...