Foxy is an antagonist in The Return To Freddy's 2 and The Return To Freddy's 3. Also he becomes active around night 2.Foxy does not return in the 4th game, but rather some kind of an attraction. In TRTF 3, he becomes active on Night 3 along with Vigo.

In TRTF 2 Foxy is similar to his Five Nights at Freddy's model, but fixed. In TRTF 3 he is damaged like his FNAF version

Behavior Edit

Foxy is a Redish copper color. He will start at party room 2 staring at the camera. then he will go to the hallway. The player needs to put the mask super fast or Foxy will jumpscare the player, ending in a game over. well duh!

Trivia Edit

- in a new update for the return to freddy's 2 instead of using the mask you have to flash him with the flashlight like in "Five Nights At Freddy's 2"

  • Foxy can be seen on two cameras.
  • He Can rarely appear in the East Hall

why is this inportent?

Appearance Edit

Foxy is quite similar to his model from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

Strangely, he seems to be shorter than the rest of the main animatronics, which can be seen when he's in the hallway.

Behavior Edit

foxy will start off off-camera then when he becomes active he sings. he will then either go into the east hall to mess with the generator or go into the office hallway and jumpscare the player if they dont flash the light at him.

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