Fazbear Fantasy Land is the new entertainment and it's also a pizzeria of The Return To Freddy's 3.

Story Edit

Fazbear Fantasy Land was created 30 years after Lockjaw was alive. Lockjaw was scrapped in Frank Burt's Pizza and later then sent to the new entertainment. Fazbear Fantasy Land wasn't open yet and the owners of it show and reveal the legend from the past. They only have a few more things to salvage before it opens. Soon the new entertainment has phantom animatronics except two. Which is a new animatronic named Vigo the Snake and a humanoid named Lockjaw. 15 years later before it will be demolished, Purple guy revenge on Jester who tortured Lockjaw. Purple guy did not lore the kids and force Jester to wear the Golden Lockjaw suit. Jester slips on a piece of paper sliding himself going inside the suit and he meets his fatal death.After that Fazbear Fantasy Land was demolish due to an incident with the world's first ever animatronic killing 6 young children, and a discovery of a child's body inside of the suit.However, Vigo the Snake was scrapped and there was a new attraction that is to be called Freddy Fazzy Funtime.