Blake is the only character in TRTF series that you play as for two games.

Vital statistics
Night Night 1 to 6
Gender Male
Starting Location Office
Physical attributes
Type Human
Defended With not an Animatonic

Blake is the main protagonist in TRTF 3 and 4 he was working for all the nights until he was killed by Golden Lockjaw on night 6 in TRTF 4

Appearance Edit

a small, flat, thin piece of something, typically one that has broken away or been peeled off from a larger piece.


Blake comes back to TRTF 4 however on night 6 Golden Lockjaw starts hallucinate him and then jumpscraes and then Blake dies.


Blake suppost to hide in Locker from animaltronics however Locker won't work on Freddy and Lockjaw

Trivia Edit

  • Blake might got put into a Springtrap or Sally suit after he died, it was suggested by Dismantled Foxy The Pirate