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• 5/29/2015


Hey, guys.

I don't know the whole story, but if you go on Sabani Games, there is a message from Kiddu saying that TheOtherToyFreddy deleted everything and tried to take control of the site. It says that they are going to start fresh, but there has been some extra drama, and there is a rumor going around that BFP announced somewhere that Sabani Games is officially going to shut down. I know this won't really affect TRTF: R (he would probably still make it), but please help spread the word to make sure Sabani Games doesn't go out of business! Don't think about TRTF, think about his official games! Ones that can make him money! Ones that can get him a career! Plus, you all should know that BFP has been severely depressed, to points where he has become suicidal and even tried to fake his own death! If you care about Sabani Games and BFP, then please, don't hate on ANYONE (I don't know the whole story), just spread the words with hashtags like #SaveSabani and #SupportBFP.

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• 6/1/2015
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