Poll Contest - Just for fun (Warning: More than 5 questions)

So hello everybody, as we know TRTF 3 has came out and if you miss suit we can give you it if you win! (Not really, I roleplay xD)

1. Who Is Lockjaw (Tell story)

2. Who is our easter enemy?

a) Golden Freddy

b) Shadow Bonnie

c) You

3. Shadow Lockjaw poster appears on night?

4. How to teleport to "Save me" minigame?

5. Secret code minigame

6. trtf 4? (Any answer)

1. Yay!

2. Nooo!!!

3. I can't wait

4. Finally no more of this scary game!

7. Your favority animaltronic?

1. Golden Freddy

2. Lockjaw

3. Freddy

8. Unused animaltronic?

a) Lockjaw

b) SpringTrap

c) Shadow Lockjaw

9. Who is inside Golden Freddy?

10. Connection between Golen Freddy and Lockjaw. (Own answer)

11. Connection between Golden reddy and SpringTrap. (Own answer)

12. What animaltronic  do you hate?

13. How's questions?

1. Hrader!

2. Normal

3. More practice.

Thanks for answer!