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• 4/18/2015

Ultimate Theory about New Animaltronic and Golden (Freddy) "Fredster xD".

As we know TRTF 3 trailer has came out but we still have many questions! The SpringTrap was seen on 0:39 and new animaltronic was really twitchy... but no Golden Freddy? BFPFilms will make him same easter egg or Phantom? On 0:21 with a lot of pictures made by children we can see Freddy Fazbear sitting to be Golden Freddy and child with hat are laughting and trying to help. So theory is that Golden Freddy and new animaltronic been here before (with SpringTrap). That animaltronic looks similar to BB and to Freddy Fazbear but he's... humanoid. Now what's inside that new animaltronic? - I think suppost to be inside "Second" Purple Guy... we seen every leaders: Golden Freddy (On a picture), New animaltronic, Bonnie and SpringTrap and at the end Bonnie bites "Experiment" Night Guard! But before jumpscare we see... Sugar's head on floor. Sugar has endoed and scrapped to head... so she's phantom? Same with others: Kitty Fazcat, The Piuppet and others. But that examples the leader is that new animaltronic. Now let's start discussion. He looks like Cowboy but also as Spring Kid! He's similar to it and he even... more hideous... but I think let's wait more updates and see his name.

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• 5/2/2015
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