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Dismantled Foxy The Pirate
• 4/17/2015

New animaltronics name is...

Hey there, I'm Foxy and I wanted to tell about new animaltronic. It seems he's a "leader" and been here all a long with SpringTrap but it's seems... on all TRTF 1-3 pages has words "I am him" and we don't know what does it mean? I have suggestion/easter egg the new animaltronics name is "BFPFilms" same name as creator's for... strange reasons. Now about his form. He looks like similar to Balloon Boy and "Shadow" Puppet. He  suppost to be 6th child from minigame "Take cake to children" where we playing as Sugar The Cat! He's hat is cowboy and also I suggest... what if inside are second Purple Guy (Pink Guy)? As we can see at trailer some of animaltronics weren't scrapped to head and survived. We at the end can see Bonnie's jumpscare but Sugar not survived and I suggest... she's phantom now. In trailer time 0:39 we can see SpringTrap but no Golden Freddy? If the other animaltronics was shown just let's think? Will BFP make Golden Freddy Phantom Freddy or he will make him a... Shadow Freddy sitting on a left from FNaF 3.

Let's wait more answers soon...

Thank you for reading...

Secret messege:

A new entertainment is close to opening it's doors and reveal the legend from the past. They only have a few more things to salvage before it official opens. The new entertainment is to be called Fazbear Fantasy Land.

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Dismantled Foxy The Pirate
• 4/21/2015
His name is lockjaw. Check TRTF3 gamejolt pages update log
• 5/2/2015


Is awesome
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